Oct 26th, 2017

Google’s parent company Alphabet posted its earnings revenue for Q3 2017, which saw a 24% rise in revenue over the same quarter last year. That’s great news for the company as a whole, but the really interesting news came when Sundar Pichai spoke during the earnings call for the company.

He revealed that pre-orders for the Google Pixel 2 on day one were double what they were last year, which means Google’s focus on premium products is working. Pichai said that Google will focus on marketing and launching the Pixel 2 for the holidays and in more countries for the rest of 2017.

It’s unclear what impact news of the Google Pixel 2 XL display burn-in problems will have on sales going into the holiday season, so we’ll have to wait until Alphabet debuts its Q4 2017 report to find out. LG’s own financial report didn’t look so rosy after its mobile division reported a $331 million dollar loss for this quarter.

[via Alphabet Earnings Livestream]

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