Amazon Key wants to let couriers drop packages off in your home


In today’s world, so much shopping is done online with Amazon taking a bulk of the load. So the company has been working on different ways to improve the overall experience and minimize any issues that may arise with the actual package delivery.

Today, Amazon Key was announced which is uses a smart lock and connected camera to allow the courier access to your property. The courier scans the barcode of the package, which will then send an access request to Amazon’s cloud services. Once granted, the smart camera will begin recording and then using your smart lock will automatically unlock, allowing the courier access to your property.

The courier will be required to simply leave the package near the door and then relock the door as they leave your lovely abode. Amazon is hoping that this service will become popular for basic deliveries, but the company is also looking into making it possible to give select people in your life access to your home such as guests or cleaners.

There is a catch with Amazon Key, and that’s the fact that it can only be used with the new Amazon Cloud Cam. This means that if you already have a connected camera, you’ll have to throw it out the window and pick up the Cloud Cam. There’s also another limitation here as you are restricted to just three different types of smart locks.

If you want to get started, Amazon is offering a smart lock, Cloud Cam, and installation of the products for just $250. However, you won’t be able to use the Amazon Key service until it officially goes live on November 8th.


Let us know whether you’ll be signing up, or if you’re going to be taking a hard pass on this one.


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