Google shipped a Pixel 2 that failed its quality control inspection


It seems Google is having more trouble with the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL launch than previous device launches this year. Amid reports of screen burn-in on the Pixel 2 XL and month-long delays to get a white Pixel 2 shipped, it seems the unit you receive may not even be up to the factory’s quality control standards.

An excited Pixel 2 owner posted on reddit saying that his Quite Black 128GB Pixel 2 arrived today, but when he opened the box he found a blue slip from the factory informing him that the unit he received had cosmetic damage and wasn’t up to quality control standards. You can see a photo he snapped of the device below.

The poster in question has contacted Google and they’re working with him to get it sorted, but this sort of thing is extremely disappointing to have happened when you’re excited to use your new phone. Plus, it doesn’t inspire confidence for those who now have a month-long wait before they can get their hands on the Pixel 2. That’s especially bad for Google when rivals like OnePlus are rumored to be bringing the OnePlus 5T soon and Essential has knocked $200 off the price of the Essential PH-1.

If you pre-ordered a Pixel device, are you happy with how it’s been going?

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