Got a new device? Don’t miss these $5 case deals for Pixel 2 & more [DEAL]


If you’ve got a brand new Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL on the way, you may be looking for some protection for your new device. Google has some lovely Live Cases available for these devices, but if that’s not your thing and you’re looking for something a bit cheaper, case maker Ringke has discounted one of their Pixel 2/Pixel 2XL cases. It’s not the prettiest looking case, but it’s also less than $5.

The other cases on the list are marginally better if you’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S8 or an LG G6. It’s worth noting that in order to apply these coupons, you’ll need to select the ‘ships from and sold by Ringke’ option. That’s been true for nearly every single one of these deals that I’ve posted and yet we still get people in the comments who say it doesn’t work. It does if you follow the directions, so I’ll state ’em again.

NOTE: Non-Prime members can receive free shipping when purchasing direct from Ringke. Click ‘New from‘ under the Add to Cart button and select the option that says ‘Free Shipping from Ringke‘.

LG V30

  • Fusion (Clear) $3.92 with coupon code AR33T3HB
  • Onyx (Black) $3.92 with coupon code YTXXEX29


  • Fusion (Clear) $3.92 with coupon code 9O2XNPJH
  • Onyx (Black) $3.92 with coupon code X6B2VP96

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

  • Onyx (Black) $3.99 with coupon code XBPULSJL
  • Flex S (Brown) $3.90 with coupon code JQTVH7K7

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

  • Fusion (Clear) $3.96 with coupon code 687LTNJK
  • Flex S (Gray) $3.96 with coupon code YC8RCWJ6

Samsung Galaxy S8

  • Fusion (Smoke Black) $3.96 with coupon code OADWMRXF
  • Flex S (Red) $3.96 with coupon code PE69C5J9

Google Pixel XL

  • Fusion (Smoke Black) $3.96 with code 7DMUDVWC

Google Pixel

  • Fusion (Smoke Black) $3.96 with code ZY8Q4J3I

Google Pixel 2 XL

  • Bevel (Smoke Black) $3.92 with coupon code TSBXEFBK
  • Bevel (Clear) $3.96 with coupon code 6IMB4WQU

Google Pixel 2

  • Bevel (Smoke Black) $3.92 with coupon code C9R6FSB4
  • Bevel (Clear) $3.96 witch coupon code IXSJKMHW
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