Verizon’s Total Mobile Protection plan will replace your cracked screen for $29


There’s nothing worse than getting a brand new phone, only to drop it a few months later. You’ve got a few options. Either you can pay a huge deductible to get a new phone from your insurance plan, or you can try to go with a screen replacement that’ll probably cost just as much. Verizon is trying something new with a Total Mobile Protection Plan for smartphones that will let you get that screen fixed for a $29 deductible.

Total Mobile Protection covers your phone if it’s lost or stolen too, but the real highlight here is the lowered screen repair price and being able to get your phone fixed pronto. Verizon says there are 296 certified repair stores across the United States, or you can have a certified technician meet you at your home or office in 152 cities.

Total Mobile Protection Cost

  • Smartphones – $11 a month
  • Basic phones – $9 a month
  • Tablets – $9 a month
  • Multi-device – $33 a month (additional lines $9 a month)

Total Mobile Protection allows you to file up to three claims per year on a device and guarantees next day replacement if your entire device is kaput. In order to enroll in the program, you’ll need to have a phone that is less than 24 months old and sign up for the program before November 17.

See details @ Verizon
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