What security system works best with Google Home?


Developing the perfect Smart Home can be a fickle beast with dozens of companies producing hundreds of products using various technologies and standards that may or may not work together. As companies like Amazon and Google focus on the power of voice operated systems, you’ll want to make sure your products are compatible.

The Amazon Echo products and related Alexa commands are pretty well supported, but Android fans in particular may opt for Google Home products. Many roundups show you will need to choose carefully depending on your assistant.

Take the PC Mag list for instance and you’ll find 9 different solutions. Only one of them – the Vivint Smart Home – seems to have Google Home compatibility. What’s more, you won’t find Vivint listed on Amazon’s list of Best Home Security Products.

We’ve published our own list of Best Smart Home products and have rated Nest as a top solution, but that’s not the end-to-end solution that most people are seeking. For alternatives you can check out PC Mag’s list. And if you think it doesn’t matter because you don’t have a Google Home, consider re-purposing your old Android device.

So we ask you: what’s your favorite Smart Home Security system that works with Google Home? Let us know in the comments!

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