Samsung Connect Tag stays connected to the internet to help you track your things or loved ones


Samsung has their hands in just about everything these days and when it comes to accessories, there certainly are no shortage of ideas coming out of their Korean headquarters. Their latest is the newly announced Connect Tag, a small accessory you can attach to important things and track their location. Although, on the surface, it sounds similar to Tile, the Connect Tag has way more tricks hiding up its sleeve.

In addition to GPS and Wi-Fi-based positioning (WPS), Connect Tag is the first consumer device to make use of Cell ID, a technology based on a NB-IoT or Cat.M1 networks. Cell ID allows the Connect Tag to stay connected to the internet all on its own — up to 7 days on a single charge — and is perfect for tracking kids, pets, or any other loved ones.

Features include the ability to set geo-fences and have notifications sent to your phone when the tag leaves a specific area (your kids school, or your pet in the backyard) and the “Send my location” feature is handy for emergencies. You can even hook it up to your SmartThings hub so the lights turn on when you get home, etc..

The Connect tag features IP68 water/dust resistance and is only 4.21cm wide and 1.19cm thick. Samsung says they’ll be showing off the accessory at their annual developer conference on Oct 18th in San Francisco, with the Connect Tag being available for purchase in Korea, then other “select countries” in the coming months.

Chris Chavez
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