Hey Alexa, re-order an item from my Amazon history and save $10 [DEAL]


Amazon is keen to get everyone using their voice to order products directly from Amazon, so it’s no surprise that they’re offering a $10 promotion to try and entice new Echo owners to have fun with the feature. If you regularly order household items on Amazon, you can nab a quick $10 credit by re-ordering the item using your voice.

Here’s how it works.

Get $10 free by re-ordering with Alexa

  1. Find the item in your order history that you want to re-order.
  2. Say, “Hey, Alexa re-order <ITEM NAME>.”
  3. Alexa will confirm you want to make the order.
  4. Answer yes and your credit will arrive in 3 days.

This offer is only available to Amazon Prime members who have never used the re-order function from Alexa. Additionally, you’ll need to use up your credit before July 1, 2018, which is when it expires. The credit also only works on items that are sold by Amazon.

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