The “Pure White” Essential Phone is finally available to order


It’s been a month since Andy Rubin’s Reddit AMA where the Pure White version of the Essential Phone was teased as being just a few weeks out, and today’s the day. After months of delays, the Pure White variant of the PH-1 is now available for pre-order through Essential’s website.

Pricing for the device starts at $699 and you can add on the Essential Extended Care for $99 or the 360 Camera module for $179, a savings of $20 off of the retail price. Better late than never seems to be the motto for Essential, and those who may have been holding out for the Pure White variant no longer have to wait. The device is expected to begin arriving on doorsteps sometime next week.

The last few months have not been kind to Essential as the company has seemingly struggled to keep up with demand, despite reports that only 5,000 units have been sold (through Sprint). Previously, we wrote that Essential missed its opportunity to light the world on fire, and that seems to still ring true as we now have the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, LG V30, and Pixel 2 lineup at our disposal (for the most part).

I’m really pulling for Essential, but there have been too many missteps with the camera software and extremely late delivery of the actual device. Regardless, let us know what you think about the new Pure White PH-1 and if you’ll be looking to pick one up for yourself, or if you’ve given your money to another device OEM.

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