Essential confirms night mode coming to Essential Phone with Android Oreo


As part of the promised support for the Essential Phone, Essential has committed to bi-weekly AMA (ask me anything) sessions on the r/Essential subreddit so that customers who purchased the device have a direct channel to the developers to ask about upcoming features. In the most recent AMA, we learned a few important things about upcoming updates.

A handful of users asked about support for night mode and fingerprint reader gestures, which are likely coming soon. Night Mode apparently wasn’t ready for release, but will be with the release of Android Oreo for the Essential Phone. Fingerprint reader gestures are also something the team is working on and expect to have ready for the next OTA.

The team isn’t focused on improving vibration intensity or adding the double tap to wake feature, so if that’s something you’ve been asking for you’ll have to wait.

So when exactly is Android Oreo shipping for Essential? They’ve stated they’re currently planning on having a public beta in a few weeks before Android Oreo is released globally.

Hi Connor, our QA team is in the process of testing Android Oreo as we speak to insure there are no regressions on the device. We are making great progress and target to have public beta available here within several weeks that you can try out before we release globally. We will make sure to publicly announce as soon as the Beta is available.

Did you pick up an Essential Phone this year? Are you happy with the support and frequent updates? Let us know in the comments.

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