Oct 5th, 2017

Back when both “Stories” first became a thing for Facebook and Instagram, the toughest part was choosing which service to use for your auto-expiring posts. Facebook is always testing new features but their latest could be a big could hint that Facebook Stories isn’t taking off quite as well as they hoped.

The same can’t be said for Instagram Stories which is seeing tremendous growth. So much in fact that Facebook is now rolling out a new feature that allows Instagram Stories to be cross posted onto Facebook.

The feature was spotted by TechCrunch who says the feature is already rolling out to everyone starting today. When capturing a Story, users will see a new Facebook option when choosing where to post their Stories. Once Facebook is chosen, the pic or video will appear as any other story on Facebook. You know, if people actually used Facebook Stories.

Right now there’s no way to post from Facebook to Instagram, but apparently Facebook is looking into it but we imagine there aren’t very many users clamoring for this feature. Instagram Stories currently has around 250 daily active users, topping even that of Snapchat (although it’s not clear how many users are viewers, or uploading content).

Anyone plan on using the cross-posting Stories feature once it goes inside of Instagram?

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