Oct 4th, 2017

Google finally took the wraps off of the newest Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, alongside showcasing several new products like the Google Home Mini, Google Clips camera, and Pixel Buds that are capable of real-time translation. While all of these products are new an interesting, Google hasn’t left its old devices out in the cold.

The 32GB Pixel is now priced at $549 and the 32GB Pixel XL is now priced at $669, with prices that increase as you move up a tier in storage space. That’s a pretty decent discount now that the new phones are available, but it is still a bit hard to stomach when you could get a newer device like the OnePlus 5 with better specs for $479 and change. Either way, if you’re excited about the new Pixel ecosystem that Google is building with its wealth of products and you want to get on board the Pixel train, last year’s devices are now just a little bit cheaper.

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