Pixter Review: Up Your Smartphone Photography Game


There’s no doubt about it that we rely heavily on our smartphone to take most of our photos throughout the day. Some of us just like to capture the occasional photo whereas there are many smartphone camera enthusiasts that are passionate about the shots they take. When I’m out and about I don’t find myself carrying around my DSLR all the time – I’m more of a practical guy so carrying bulky items everywhere isn’t my thing which is one of the reasons that I rely heavily on my smartphone camera.

Throughout the past few months, I have been using a range of lenses from a new startup called ‘Pixter’. Their lenses have enabled me to get some incredible shots with my smartphone and not to mention they’ve allowed me to become more creative with the shots that I take. Let’s find out why…

How Do You Use It?

The Pixter lenses work as advertised. They are universal smartphone lenses which means the lenses itself work with a wide range of smartphone out there – some companies require you to purchase a case to attach your external lenses to your smartphone, however, this comes with a clip to mount it on. All you have to do is screw the lens onto the clip, attach it to your smartphone which takes a few seconds and then you’re good to go.

I’ve tried plenty of cheap smartphone lenses in the past and all of them either get scratched or perform poorly due to their low-quality glass. The Pixter lenses are finished with the scratch resistant anti-reflective coating and surrounded by an anodized steel case. With this premium build, the lens is extremely durable which makes it great for taking it with you on the go.

What Do The Images Look Like?

The results speak for itself when it comes to a good product, so with that being said here are a few shots taken from the range of lenses from Pixter.


The images produced from this lens exceeded my expectations and I like how you get twice as much of field of view within the image by using one of their Wide Angle Lenses. This allowed my shots to look much better and in terms of overall sharpness in the image, I was happy with how they came out. My only gripe about the lens is sometimes there is visible distortion and vignetting around the images but this can easily be fixed by changing your camera’s aspect ratio within the settings.


Pixter’s lenses have allowed me to get some awesome shots using my smartphone’s camera. They are practical due to the size and ease of access however the price point of $54.90 may seem overpriced to many. Pixters lenses are up there with the other high-end lenses on the market, they are not your standard low-quality smartphone lenses – these are made with high-quality glass and come with a rigid lens clip. So if you do find yourself taking a lot of photos on your smartphone lens then this is definitely a great option for you.

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Hamzah Baig
Hamzah Baig is a UK-based content creator on YouTube and a technology enthusiast. While not working on any upcoming videos his time is geared towards creating content for Phandroid and pursuing his sports career. He is an ex Great Britain Gymnast and has now decided to commit to his online ventures while balancing out sport and studying Computer Science.

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