Facebook Messenger is finally getting rid of their awful emoji style


When Facebook first introduced their own unique emoji inside of Messenger, it honestly made a lot of sense. With so many platform variants of emoji out there (Android, iOS, Windows Phone) it was easy for things to get lost in the translation. This is even a problem in Android thanks to manufacturers using their own custom emoji sets. Without a standard it, again, only made sense that Facebook would want to keep thins uniform across the board when using emoji inside of Messenger.

The problem? Even Facebook was responsible for emoji fragmentation where they had their own emoji style on the web, one that was different from Messenger’s. To help clean things up a bit and get everyone on the same page, Facebook is finally killing off Messenger’s unique emoji style and replacing it with the the same emoji you find on Facebook web. Well, for the most part.

Android and the web will now have the same Facebook style emoji, while iOS gets to keep Apple’s emoji. This still complicates things if you’re sending emoji from an Android device to iOS but Facebook’s emoji more closely resemble those on iOS, so hopefully there will be less confusion.

The rollout is happening slowly across Android and iOS, so don’t freak out if you don’t see it yet. There’s no telling when a broad rollout will take place, but sit tight and you’ll see it soon enough.

via Emojipedia

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