LG V30+ is exclusive to Sprint with a 2 for 1 special if you use Sprint Flex


The LG V30 is a beast of a phone that Joe believes is the best Android competitor to the iPhone X, but if you want the best of the best when it comes to the new smartphone, you’ll have to be okay with settling for Sprint. Sprint has announced that it will be the only major US carrier to offer the LG V30+ at launch, beginning on October 13.

The LG V30+ offers double the storage of the regular LG V30, with 128GB internal storage. The device also ships with LG QuadPlay earbuds that are included in the box and exclusive to this version of the LG V30. The internal specs are the same on both phones with the exception of the extra storage space.

Sprint is even offering a buy one get one free lease deal if you decide to use Sprint Flex. That means new and existing customers can get two LG V30+ devices for only $38 per month. Along with this deal, LG is also giving away a Daydream View headset and some bundled VR content for those who want to experience virtual reality with their new device.

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