Sep 25th, 2017

After debuting its own smartwatch at Mobile World Congress in February, Verizon has discontinued the Wear24 after only three months. If you head over to the original announcement page and click on the Buy Now button, you’re redirected to their support page for the watch. It’s not in the store anymore and Verizon has confirmed that it’s been discontinued.

That’s a shame, given the watch was only released this year and has had one of the shortest lifespans of any tech product I can remember. It featured LTE bands and was available in three colors, but it seems not enough people were interested in the device for Verizon to continue offering it for a full year. That doesn’t bode well for Android Wear, considering this was one of the first Android Wear 2.0 devices that became available this year.

What do you think? Were you considering the Wear24 at all?

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