T-Mobile and Sprint’s merger is reportedly closer to being agreed upon


Earlier this week, it was reported that T-Mobile and Sprint were rumored to be “actively engaged” in merger talks yet again. This merger has been talked about and in the works for what seems like forever, when the first merger talks were reported back in 2014.

Today, a new report claims that T-Mobile and Sprint are “close to agreeing [to] tentative terms on a deal”. The deal wouldn’t be that complex, as T-Mobile would own a majority share of Sprint, with SoftBank of Japan (owner of Sprint), would “own between 40 to 50 percent” of the new company.

If the merger were to officially (and finally) happen, it seems that T-Mobile’s current CEO, John Legere, would be calling the shots still, but Softbank’s CEO has stated that “he wants a say in how the company is run”.

If this move by T-Mobile and Sprint were to be followed through and agreed upon, it would still have to be approved by the US government, a move that caused previous merger talks to be abandoned. Additionally, that would leave AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile as the only three major carriers left here in the US.

As a current Sprint subscriber, I am extremely interested to see where this goes, and how T-Mobile would integrate Sprint’s current customer base. Plus, I’m wondering if customers would need new GSM-enabled phones, or if our current CDMA-locked devices would still be used.

[Ars Technica | Reuters]


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