Sep 14th, 2017

Tech compaines are betting big on augmented reality this year. For Snapchat, this meant incorporating AR into their app earlier this year with all new 3D World Lenses. Now, things are about to get a whole lot more fun with personalized 3D animated Bitmojis headed to Snapchat app today.

How to add 3D Bitmoji in Snapchat

Rolling out now on Android and iOS, you can pull up the 3D animated Bitmoji (caricatures you personalize based on your likeness) by opening the app and long pressing on the viewfinder while using your phone’s rear camera. A selection of World Lenses will appear at the bottom, with the first few being your 3D Bitmoji.

Each “lens” will have a different animation accompanying it, allowing you to pan and zoom around your Bitmoji as if they were really there in real life. There’s only a few animations at start, but keep checking back and you’re sure to see more added in the coming weeks.

Of course, you’ll need to download the Bitmoji app and create your own avatar — linking it up with Snapchat — in order to see the 3D animated Bitmoji, so don’t waste any more time. You can find both apps linked below.

Download the Bitmoji app
Download Snapchat

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