Facebook tests new snooze option to temporarily unfollow posts from friends and family


Facebook is currently testing a new “unfollow” option that could save your relationships with chatty friends or family members. The new option is showing up on the website for some and allows gives users the ability to snooze posts from a given user for 24 hours, 7 days or even a full 30 days.

When you see a post you don’t particularly care for, simply click the menu button in the upper right corner of the post to see all the available options. You can either hide the post (and see fewer like it), completely unfollow the person’s posts (but not unfriend them), or just snooze them temporarily.

Greater control over what shows up in our News Feed is exactly what the doctor ordered, especially when it comes to Pages and Groups you may not want to unfollow completely (like a tech website on iPhone launch day). The feature is still in testing and although there’s no guarantee it will show up in Facebook proper, keep an eye out for it in the meantime. If things go well, you can expect to find it popping up in the Facebook app as well.

Oh, and follow our Phandroid page on Facebook while you’re at it. ;)

via TechCrunch

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