Google app teardown reveals next version of Android is probably 8.1


The current latest version of Android that you’ll find officially running on Google Pixel/Nexus devices is Android 8.0 Oreo which debuted barely last month. In case you were wondering what the next version number would be numbered, the guys at AndroidPolice found a few clues during an APK teardown of the latest Google app (7.11.16 beta).

References to Android v8.1, API 27 could be found buried inside the app and there’s a very good chance (according to rumors) that this will be the Android version we see launch with Google’s upcoming Pixel devices next month. There’s no way to know what changes Android 8.1 will actually bring, so outside of this new number, it’s not exactly the biggest news but interesting none-the-less.

Also inside the app were references to a new option headed to the app that gives users the ability to toggle off the screen handler. You know, the notification that pops up every time you take a screen shot and stays there until you address it. Bisto is also found inside the app, this is Google’s codename for their rumored headphones they’ll be launching with Google Assistant built-in.

Other changes include vehicle Bluetooth integration, allowing users to choose Bluetooth audio routing although the exact reason why is unclear. Icons for Google Lens, podcasts and a handful of emoji, likely used when displaying card specific information.

This version brings a pretty good indicator that 8.1 will be the next version of Android. There are also signs that user-defined actions are going to get some changes in the future. We’re also going to hit an option to turn off the built-in screenshot handler and a little bit more about Google’s upcoming “Bisto” headphones.

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