The next S Pen could have a microphone and “digital signature” feature


With the Galaxy Note line getting more similar to the Galaxy S line every year, the S Pen is one of the few differentiators. There’s not much of a reason to get the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 over the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus unless you’re in love with the S Pen. A new report suggests Samsung has plans to make the S Pen even better.

A couple of years ago, Samsung filed a patent for adding a microphone and speaker to the S Pen. This would allow users to hold it up to their face like a phone. Samsung’s head of technology strategy recently confirmed that they are conducting studies to figure out if such a feature would be useful.

Samsung is also working on a security feature called “Digital Signature.” The goal is for the digital signature to replace physically signing your name on papers and returning them. There are already solutions for digitally signing documents, but the S Pen would certainly make it easier. Samsung could make digital signatures a more common thing.

[via The Investor]

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