OnePlus holding first Open Ears Forum to listen to your customer feedback


The Android device space is a crowded market. While there are a few big players like Samsung who enjoy the most success, smaller startups like OnePlus and Essential are looking to get a piece of the action too. A big concern for many folks when shopping around for a new phone from a relatively unknown manufacturer is customer support, something we’ve all heard could be a pain to deal with.

It’s something OnePlus isn’t proud of but they want to make it better. Taking to their own community forum, OnePlus (EU) has announced that they’ll be throwing the company’s first “Open Ears Forum” next month in London. The open forum will be open to any and all customers willing to share their valuable feedback, directly to OnePlus’ Senior Leadership team.

OnePlus is even taking applications from anyone in Europe where they’ll be footing the bill for travel and hotel accommodations. It sounds like they’re taking the whole thing very serious and if OnePlus hopes to mature and compete with the big dogs, top notch customer service is where they’ll need to do it.

Applications are being accepted now until August 27th with OnePlus requesting all applicants speak fluent English. If you’re looking to apply you can do so here: https://oneplus.net/open-ears

via OnePlus Community Forum

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