Aug 16th, 2017

Samsung just can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to recalls and this time, it’s not even their fault. A new recall for around 10,000 Galaxy Note 4 batteries has been issued, citing overheating that could cause fires or lead to burns. While this sounds similar to the Galaxy Note 7 disaster Samsung went through last year, it’s actually pretty different.

The recall says that only phones refurbished through AT&T’s insurance program and handled by FedEx Supply Chain are impacted. According to the recall, these phones may have ended up with counterfeit batteries replacing the original OEM battery, which could fail and cause a fire.

In a statement to The Verge, Samsung places the blame for the recall solely on FedEx’s shoulders for the use of counterfeit batteries in the original recall.

“FedEx Supply Chain is conducting this recall of non-genuine Samsung batteries as some of them are counterfeit. The refurbishment program was managed by FedEx Supply Chain and operated independently of Samsung. Any affected owners should contact FedEx Supply Chain at 1-800-338-0163 or go online at for more information.”

While this sucks because Samsung’s name is attached to the phone, it’s not really that big a deal because the Galaxy Note 4 shipped with a user-replaceable battery. FedEx is currently in the process of shipping out boxes to affected customers so they can ship their recalled batteries back.

Do you have a Galaxy Note 4? Let us know if you’ve experienced any puffiness or issues with your battery over the past few months.

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