Snapchat introduces new Crowd Surf feature for Our Stories, here’s how it works


Just when you thought Snapchat was out of cool or unique ideas, they hit you with something straight outta left field. It’s a new video feature called Crowd Surf and you’ll only come across it if you’re a frequent viewer of Snapchat’s Our Stories feature.

It works best at a concert or other live music event and basically recognizes the audio being played and stitches together multiple Snaps in perfect succession so that you, the viewer, never misses a beat. This gives you the feeling that you’re actually at the concert, using Snapchat users’ phones to broadcast the show from multiple angles. Again, lining up Snaps so that the song is always progressing as it would if you were there. It’s actually quite genius and a fun way to immerse yourself into a live music event.

Apparently Snapchat is using some kind of proprietary machine learning technology they developed in house by their Research team. It’s one of those impressive features you never knew you wanted. The first “Crowd Surf” event they broadcasted was a Lorde concert and it seemed to work well enough. Since it relies so heavily on what users are Snapping, it works best at large events like these. If there aren’t that many users Snapping, you’ll skip around the song.

Crowd Surf wont be available at every event, only specific ones that Snapchat chooses. Head on over to Mashable’s post to see it in action.

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