Mewtwo is finally coming to Pokémon GO


After over a year of waiting and tons of clickbaity YouTube thumbnails, Mewtwo is finally coming to Pokemon GO. Mewtwo is one of the most iconic Pokemon in the game, but it has been noticeably absent. When Niantic started releasing Legendary Pokemon in Raid Battles, many assumed Mewtwo would be next.

Mewtwo will also be available in Raid Battles, but not just any Raid Battle. The Mewtwo Raid Battles are exclusive invite-only events. In order to get an invite, you must have recently completed a successful raid at the same gym. If you qualify, you’ll receive a notification.

Raid Battles are a new feature that Niantic rolled out this summer. Basically, it’s a group battle against a massively powerful Pokemon called the “Raid Boss.” The Raid Boss temporarily takes over a gym. Anyone can join a raid and help defeat the boss. If your group is successful, everyone will get the opportunity to catch their own version of the boss.

Mewtwo has only been spotted in Japan so far. Keep an eye out for more to appear.

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