Aug 14th, 2017

The HTC U11 has been one of the surprise hits of 2017. The HTC 10 was an underrated phone and HTC did everything they could to improve upon it. The U11 has almost everything you could want, except a headphone jack and Bluetooth 5.0. It’s too late to fix the headphone jack, but not too late for Bluetooth 5.0.

HTC just announced that the U11 will receive support for Bluetooth 5.0 in the upcoming Android O update. The U11 will join the Samsung Galaxy S8 as one of the few devices with this new feature. Android O is slated to be released later this year, but then you’ll have to wait for HTC to bring it to the U11.

Bluetooth 5.0 is much faster than Bluetooth 4.0. Connected devices like smart home gadgets and smartwatches should work even better with the U11. We’ll be patiently waiting for Android O and all the other goodies that come with it.

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