Aug 10th, 2017

We’re still a good few months away from Halloween, but that hasn’t stopped fans of the holiday from starting the countdown to the big day. OnePlus is already getting into the Halloween spirit with a bloody, horror themed commercial they’ve uploaded to YouTube to showcase the OnePlus 5.

Now, normally we wouldn’t expect much from the Chinese startup (just look at all those awful HTC ads we’ve seen through the years) but their latest commercial is hitting all the marks.

  • Hot chick? ✔️
  • Humor? ✔️
  • Highlighting key smartphone features? ✔️
  • Chainsaw wielding psychopath? ✔️

Oddly enough, it’s a mark not many Android OEMs have been able to hit (at least not those without Samsung’s level of marketing dollars behind them). The OnePlus commercial does a great job at highlighting the OnePlus 5’s unique dual-camera setup, while keeping things light and entertaining.

Maybe we’re reading too much into it, but this is exactly the kinda ad spot a relatively new smartphone company needs to launch a successful flagship. Especially when you consider OnePlus started off with virtually no marketing budget when they launched their first couple of smartphones.

Whatever your feelings on the OnePlus 5 are — and whether you plan on buying the phone or not — we gotta hand it to OnePlus, they made a damn good commercial. The fact that it’s 75% less gross than their Valentine’s Day ad makes it all the more palatable.

Need a reminder? Here you go:

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