HTC U11 is already receiving its 60fps video recording update in some parts of the world


Shooting video at a higher frame rate is a nice feature you can find on a handful of smartphones these days. Typically you’ll find a 1080p 60fps setting on high-end devices but for whatever reason, the HTC U11 launched without this option. This is something HTC has been well aware of, and they even announced a few days ago that they’d be bringing this feature to the U11 in a future update. Future, as in, within the next couple of months.

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Well, it looks like they’re not wasting any time. HTC U11 users in Taiwan have reportedly received a software update on their devices and wouldn’t you know it, one of the changes is 60fps video. The HTC U11 was already capable of shooting at 120fps second, but it was only used for capturing slow motion video. While the Snapdragon 835 is technically capable of shooting 4K 60fps, this update will keep things capped at 1080p. Pretty standard.

The update — build 1.26.709.3 — weighs in at 624.59 MB and brings with it other “important enhancements and bug fixes.” There’s nothing in the changelog about Bluetooth 5.0 that was also supposed to be coming, but it’s possible that HTC could bundle both of these features together by the time the update is ready for the US.

via Android Authority

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