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Someone modded their Galaxy S8 fingerprint sensor to make it suck less


It’s no secret, the Galaxy S8 and S8+ has one of the most ill-placed fingerprint sensors we’ve seen on an Android device to date. Because the sensor is located right next to the camera lens — and both the sensor and camera housing are completely flush with the phone — it makes it nearly impossible to feel around for the sensor without smudging up the camera. Unfortunately, poor placement is only half of the story. The performance of the Galaxy S8 fingerprint sensor is equally as awful.

I’ve waxed poetic about the sensor in my full review and probably countless other posts where I listed it as one of the worst things about owning the device. Had Samsung merely made the camera housing protrude slightly — or even made the fingerprint sensor more recessed — this would have greatly eliminated my frustrations from unlocking the phone using my index finger. It’s true that some cases help by isolating the sensor and camera housing but not all do this (and not everyone uses a case).

In an unlikely turn of events, Quinn Nelson from Snazzy Labs discovered an odd way to make it easier to feel the Galaxy S8’s fingerprint sensor and the results are interesting to say the least. It happened after breaking the back of his Galaxy S8, Mr. Nelson was able to find a OEM replacement back cover. While making sure the seals on his new Galaxy S8 back were covered using his own adhesive, he noticed the fingerprint sensor itself was now protruding slightly from the back. He posted his findings on Twitter and in a Periscope video if any of you care to look.

It looks a little odd, but it’s kind of an interesting mod anyone that makes finding the fingerprint sensor by touch a hundred times easier. Now I don’t recommend ripping off the back of your Galaxy S8 specifically to perform this mod, but should the day come where you find yourself in need of a replacement back, you may want to try messing around with that sensor a bit.

via Quinn Nelson (Twitter)

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