LastPass Premium has doubled to $24/year, here are 3 alternatives


Heads up if you use LastPass as your password management solution for multiple devices, the service is about to get twice as expensive. LastPass Premium has been available for $12 a year, or $1 a month to sync all of your passwords and logins across multiple devices, but now that price is doubling to $24 a year.

That’s thanks to the rollout of their new Families plan, which will allow six people to group items and share folders for passwords you might use in a household, like Netflix or Amazon. They’re also making the free version of their app less attractive for sharing passwords since Free accounts are now limited to sharing one password with just one other person.

$24 bucks is a lot to pay for a password manager that’s been hacked several times already. I’m already wary about third-party services having access to my data, why would I trust a third-party server with all of my most sensitive data? If you’re like me and you prefer a solution that isn’t so costly that you have complete control over, here a few alternatives to consider.

1. Enpass

Best For: Cross-platform syncing, local data storage, no subscription
Price: Free for Desktop and Mobile for 20 items, $9.99 to unlock
In-App Purchases: Yes

Enpass has been my go-to solution since I left LastPass when they were hacked in 2015. I prefer it because it keeps your encrypted master file with your passwords and logins on a service of your choice for cloud syncing, or directly on your home computer if you’re squeamish about using cloud services.

It’s totally free for Desktop and Mobile users who have less than 20 passwords. If you want to store more than that, there’s an in-app purchase of $9.99 that’s a one time fee to unlock unlimited storage of accounts, passwords, and other sensitive data.

The price of Enpass is less than even one year of the old price for LastPass and it’s regularly updated with new features from a responsive developer who listens to customer feedback.

Get Enpass

2. SafeInCloud Password Manager

Best For: Cross-platform syncing, black theme
Price: Free, Pro – $4.99
In-App Purchases: No

SafeInCloud is a cheaper alternative to Enpass that offers much of the same feature set. You can choose to keep local backups or upload your data to a cloud server like Google Drive or Dropbox. It also features a black theme and better options for storing sensitive data like Credit Card numbers.

The only reason I use Enpass over SafeInCloud is that I prefer its Autofill features to those featured in SafeInCloud, but both have been very robust and available across all platforms.

Get SafeInCloud Password Manager

3. Password Safe and Manager

Best For: No cloud sync, highly customizable, floating window
Price: Free, Pro $3.99
In-App Purchases: Yes

Password Safe and Manager is best for people who want absolutely no way for their password manager to connect to the internet. The downside of that is keeping track of your master file yourself, but if you’re okay with that then Password Safe and Manager is highly customizable and lets you store an unlimited amount of passwords for free.

You’ll have to pay the Pro price in order to add your own custom fields and use some of the themes included in the app, but the autofill option for the app handles it not through notifications like Enpass and SafeInCloud, but through a floating window which is pretty ingenious.

Get Password Safe and Manager
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