You can now control your Honeywell thermostat with Google Home


Honeywell may not be a flashy name like Nest or Ecobee, but the vast majority of homes have Honeywell thermostats. Most of those thermostats are “dumb,” but Honeywell also has smart thermostats. Today, they announced that their WiFi thermostats support Google Home and Assistant.

The thermostats that support Google Home include the Lyric Round, Lyric T5, Lyric T6 Pro, and Total Connect Comfort (Wi-Fi and RedLINK). You can say “OK Google, set my Honeywell thermostat to 69-degrees.” Previously, Google Home only worked with Nest, so this is a great addition to the home automation lineup.

Do you own a WiFi-enabled Honeywell thermostat? Do you also own a Google Home? Do you control many devices in your home with Google Assistant?

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