Chrome will give you finer control over website notifications in Android O


One of the bigger changes introduced in Android O is the ability to filter out or choose which notifications you want to see from your apps. It’s called Notification Channels and using this new system, developers will be required to specify the types of notifications their apps are sending to users. It’s a great way to give Android users a little more granular control over their notifications so they’re not being bombarded with promotions and other spam every day.

Well, it seems the Chrome app on Android will be getting in on the fun as well, specifically when it comes to dealing with website notifications. Right now, Chrome notifications are mostly an all or nothing affair. Blocking a notification from the notification tray will result in all Chrome notifications being blocked but in Android 8.0, you’ll now be able to customize how these notifications appears based on each website thanks to a much more intuitive menu (something you had to dig around in Chrome’s site settings to find).

Again, this is an Android O feature, so don’t expect to this until your current device receives an update (but really, who knows when that’ll be).

via ChromeStory

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