Cricket is offering 2 unlimited data lines for $80/month


Competition between the major MVNOs is heating up and Cricket Wireless has a new deal for those of you who don’t mind being throttled while on AT&T’s network. For a limited time, Cricket is offering new and existing customers two unlimited data* lines for only $80/month. That’s it. Cricket rolls all of its taxes and fees into the stated price, so there’s no gotchas there.

However, there are a few caveats that should make you wary of accepting the deal. Sure Cricket says it’s unlimited, but notes in the small print at the bottom of every ad that “Data speed limited to max 3Mbps; video streaming max of 1.5 Mbps. After 22GB of data usage, Cricket may slow speeds.” Cricket already throttles their data traffic to just 8Mbps, so getting an “unlimited” plan throttled at a measly 3Mbps is a slap in the face.

New Cricket Smartphones

Along with the announcement of the limited-time offer of 2 unlimited data lines, the company also announced a series of new phones for its customers. The Alcatel Pulse Mix and the LG X Charge are both now available. The Alcatel phone is available for $79.99 with a new line, while the LG X Charge will run you $129.
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