Google’s news feed is getting a whole lot smarter starting today


Google has been fine tuning their machine learning algorithms for awhile now. Back in December of last year, they were focused on bringing more relevant updates on sports, news, and entertainment to Google Now — while keeping personal info separate.

Today, the Google Now feed is getting another update but instead of just pulling info you’ve searched on Google, the feed will also show you trending news/updates from around the world. That may not sound ideal considering your interests may be different from everyone else’s in the world but Google says it will accurately reflect your interest levels on topics, so the feed will still remain tailored to you.

They’re making it easier to follow certain topics whenever you search for things with a “follow card” appearing in your search results and even the option to search for more info on a given topic. Of course, you can always unfollow certain topics quickly and easily by tapping on the card’s options.

Google is hoping you’ll now spend more time in your feed, less time actually searching with personal, relevant information based on your interests. If you live in the US, it’s already live and waiting for you on Google Now and will begin rolling out internationally in the coming weeks.

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