Jul 19th, 2017

Love it or hate it, Google’s drastically redesigned emoji — introduced in Android O — finally do away with some of the confusion that comes from cross platform chatting. The longstanding gumdrop emoji — also referred to as “blobs” or “blobmoji” — didn’t always translate accurately when communicating with folks on iOS, making things a sort guessing game when trying to figure out the tone of a message.

Despite an online petition to keep the blobs, the new style emoji are definitely here to stay but Google is throwing fans of the old-school blobmoji a bone by including them as part of a newly released animated sticker pack inside Allo.

Many of these were already accessible by enlarging the appropriate emoji (dragging the send button), but you never knew which ones would work. Now that they’re bundled together inside an animated sticker pack, you can browse through all the available animated blobmoji before sending them.

I guess the biggest hurdle is getting users to try out Allo, Google’s messaging service meant to compete with popular apps like WhatsApp. By immortalizing and tucking away the blobs inside Allo, they’re pretty much guaranteeing nobody will ever see them again. Farewell, blobmoji. It was a fantastic ride.

via The Keyword

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