Amazon is looking to take on Apple’s HomePod with a new Echo device


Things could be shaping up to be pretty interesting in the world of home assistants when the 2017 Holiday season gets underway. We have already seen the release of the new Amazon Echo Show, and Apple’s HomePod was announced back at WWDC with plans to launch this Fall. Additionally, we are expecting to see a new version of Google Home launched to keep up with the likes of Amazon and now Apple.

The new Apple HomePod

However, it seems that Apple may be driving the competition again, as a new report from Engadget claims Amazon is working on yet another Echo device to take on the HomePod. This new Echo device will feature a few new design changes, most notably when it comes to how tall and wide it is. According to the report, the new Echo device “will be both shorter and slimmer than the original”.

Amazon also will be taking a page out of Google’s book by offering a “cloth-like covering”, versus the all-plastic design that we see with the current-gen Echo. As for sound, Amazon will be looking to improve the output on all fronts by including “several tweeters”, which aims to help amplify the sound of the upcoming device.

Furthermore, the new Echo will feature new microphone technology, but Engadget is unsure of how as the current Echo already features seven far-field microphones. This is really where Amazon is besting the likes of the Apple HomePod and Google Home as the HomePod features six microphones and Google Home comes with two.

As I stated before, this Fall could really be an interesting race to watch, but we’ll have to temper our excitement until the new Echo is announced. Plus, there’s always the likelihood that Google will introduce a new Home when it announces the Pixel 2 lineup.

Let us know what you think about this new report and if you would welcome a new Amazon Echo with a new design and improved speakers.



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