Is Hinge the Best Dating App?


In our busy day-to-day lives, finding love isn’t always the easiest of tasks. Between finding time for work, doing laundry, staying active, and dating — sometimes you need a little help. There are a boatload of apps available on Android to help make this process easier, and we’ve already covered the best dating apps in our 11 Best Dating Apps post, but a newcomer could soon be joining the ranks.

It’s called Hinge and if the name sounds familiar, the app has recently been relaunched in the Google Play Store. Completely redesigned and built from the ground up with “relationships in mind,” the app is already the source of some buzz in the dating app scene. Where as Tinder has sort of built a reputation for people looking to quickly hookup, Hinge is the for young people looking to build lasting relationships and find love.

Users will have to link their Facebook profiles, where the app will grab all relevant status information, photos, etc. From there, you answer a few short questions about yourself, and finish your profile by adding interesting or witty quotes. You’ll then be matched up with other users in your area who fit similar criteria, and you can spark up a conversation or move to the next one.

The app does require a Facebook profile to link to (it’s like the internet’s version of the DMV) and a paid subscription model: 1 month: $12.99/month, 3 months for $6.99/month, or 6 months for $4.99/month. It’s not a bad deal if you’re intent on finding “the one,” so check it out if you’re looking for some more real than a 1-night stand.

Anyone have any success at finding love through an Android dating app? Leave a comment with your favorite down below. If you want to check out more, you’ll find a comprehensive list of the best Android dating apps linked below.

Download Hinge on Google Play

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