OnePlus 5 has inverted audio when recording video in landscape mode


The OnePlus 5 has been involved in a number of issues already. From cheating benchmarks to a weird “jelly” scrolling effect, some of these issues have been overblown. Unfortunately, the issues keep popping up, even if they are small. The latest issue reported by users is inverted stereo audio when recording video.

According to several users on Reddit, videos recorded in landscape mode play audio on the wrong channel. The sound that should be coming from the right side is being played on the left side and vice versa. You can hear it in the video below (wear headphones).

Apparently, this problem only occurs when filming in landscape mode with the headphone jack point right. Like most phones, the OP5 has mics on the top and bottom of the phone. The output is not being flipped when the phone is held in the orientation. The good news is OnePlus should be able to fix this with a software update.

Have you noticed this issue on your OnePlus 5? Does it even matter to you?

Joe Fedewa
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