This Game Boy adapter lets you play physical carts on your Android phone


One of the many allures of owning an Android phone is the wealth of emulation software that’s available for just about every console and handheld under the sun. While emulation remains a touchy subject due to the legality of obtaining dumps of ROMs you probably don’t own, this circumvents that argument entirely by turning your modern Android smartphone into a Game Boy itself. Meet the Hyperkin Smart Boy.

The best part is the Hyperkin Smart Boy started out as an April Fools joke before the company decided that the concept would actually be worth pursuing. We’ve seen a few prototypes on display at E3, especially last year but now it’s finally reader for consumers to get their hands on.

Hyperkin plans on releasing these in September for £59.99 and they’re available for limited pre-order. The adapter gives you full physical controls while using your smartphone’s display to showcase the cartridge media. Any original Game Boy cartridges work with the setup, so you can definitely replay those old Pokemon Red and Blue cartridges you have laying around.
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