Project Fi will offer a new, affordable, mid-range Android device later this year


Google’s first foray into offering cellular service has been pretty solid so far, offering affordable plans, a simple app to manage everything, and great customer service. The only thing holding back Project Fi is the limited amount of devices that are compatible with the service.

Because Project Fi relies on both T-Mobile and Sprint networks, it’s traditionally been exclusive to Google’s own Nexus/Pixel devices given their wide support for US carrier bands — but that might soon change.

In a tweet today, Project Fi’s Twitter account responded to a customer looking for a less expensive device through the service. According to Project Fi, they have plans to offer a mid-tier device from an unnamed hardware partner later this year.

The big question is whether Google could be hinting at their own mid-range Nexus/Pixel branded device, or a less exciting regular ‘ol Android phone from another manufacturer (i.e., a non-Pixel), something that would be a first for the service.

In either case, we’re intrigued and hope to learn more in the coming week.

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