Samsung says new TouchWiz Home update for the Galaxy S8 improves lag, actually does nothing


The Samsung Galaxy S8 definitely isn’t the smoothest Android phone out there. It’s filled with lag. From transitions, to UI animations, or even just opening links, the phone pales in comparison to devices like the HTC U11 or even last year’s Google Pixel.

One of the worst offenders is Samsung’s TouchWiz Home, the Galaxy S8’s stock launcher. It seems Samsung may have gotten the memo and in a new update to the app, they’re claiming they’ve fixed the “lag issue” with the launcher. Here’s the changelog:

What’s New [TouchWiz Home]

  • Added an information screen to Samsung TouchWiz Home.
  • Fixed the lag issue when swiping up and down to switch between the home and apps screens.
  • Improved the visibility of app names under icons.

We’ve already applied the update to our Galaxy S8 and S8+ and the best part? It’s done virtually nothing to improve any perceived “lag” on the launcher, specifically when dealing with scrolling between the app drawer and your home screen (swiping up/down). So… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Anyone else notice any sort of improvement?

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