Silicon Valley’s ‘Not Hotdog’ app is now officially available on Android


For anyone following the tech scene, Silicon Valley is by far one of HBO’s best comedy shows dealing with the “startup tech culture” in California. Fans of the show are being greeted with a new app from developer “SeeFood Technologies Inc.” who has published an app titled “Not Hotdog” in the Google Play Store.

The name pretty much says it all and the app is based on the same used in show where the character Jian-Yang creates an app that uses machine learning to identify if something in the real world is a hotdog or not a hotdog….. that’s about it. Testing it out for ourselves, the app has been spot on so far, so I guess you can say it has that going for it.

The app is a playful take on the image recognition technology already being used by Google or even Microsoft’s, which was recently the subject of a viral video making the rounds a few days ago (and incorrectly identified as Google’s technology). If you’re feeling left out of the joke, you can watch the NSFW (language) clips from the show explaining a little bit more about the app. Download link provide below.

Warning: NSFW (language)

Download on Google Play

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