LG V30 said to support wireless charging thanks to glass back


The LG V series is an interesting response to Samsung’s Galaxy Note series, no matter whether you think the second screen is gimmicky or useful. LG is constantly experimenting with new things and it seems like the LG V30 this year will be no different.

According to noted leaker OnLeaks, the upcoming phone will support wireless charging thanks to having a glass back. That’s a pretty big departure from the previous two phones, which both featured aluminum backs. The leak also says the V30 will feature the dual rear camera and rear fingerprint sensor, which will be interesting to see on a phone with a glass back.

Of course, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt since it’s just rumors and speculation at this point, but mobile leakers have been getting more and more accurate when it comes to “predicting” changes that manufacturers like LG and Samsung make with their phones.

Personally, I find the V series to be too big to use as a daily driver, but I know there are a lot of big phone fans out there. Are you excited about this year’s LG V30 based on these new rumors?

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