This $70 Bluetooth speaker from Archeer is the best I’ve used in years


Over the last few years, Bluetooth headphones and speakers have been taking over my life as I have played with or purchased for my media consumption needs. The reason for the move to Bluetooth has nothing to do whether my device has a 3.5mm headphone jack, but it’s just one less cable for me to carry around, and Bluetooth headphones are easier to manage when you’re on the go as much as I am.

As for the Bluetooth speaker side of things, I get tired of having speakers plugged into my laptop, only to have to unplug them when I need to take my laptop with me. I’ve tried a bunch of different options, but one recent acquisition has my attention and love more than the others.

Enough of all the fluff, as we’re going to take a look at the Archeer 25W Bluetooth Speaker. Starting with what comes in the box, you get the speaker itself, a microUSB cable for charging, and a 3.5mm auxiliary cable which can plug into the speaker. Oh, and there’s even a nice carrying bag that offers a bit of protection if you’re traveling with the Archeer speaker in tow.

Buttons & Ports

Once you’ve taken the speaker out of its box, you’ll notice some familiar buttons and ports around the edges. On the top, there are your media controls with the volume up and down buttons on the left, and the Play/Pause button along with the power button to the right. Placed in the center of the Archeer speaker is an LED indicator to let you know when the speaker is turned on, while it’s charging, and more.

On the rear of the device, you’ll find the auxiliary cable input, a recessed reset button, another LED indicator, and the charging port. As you would expect, the reset button will remove any devices from its memory, so you won’t have to worry about overloading the speaker with too many devices. The LED indicator will light up while you’re charging the Archeer speaker so that you’re sure everything’s a-okay.

Phenomenal Aesthetics

As for aesthetics and design, this thing looks absolutely phenomenal. The front of the Archeer speaker features some small branding in the bottom right-hand corner, with the three main speakers spread across the front. Surrounding these speaker cutouts is a bamboo wood material which looks absolutely amazing.

I really can’t get over how good this speaker looks, and it will look right at home in almost any room in your home. The wooden finish also covers the back panel of this speaker, with the middle of the speaker wrapped in a canvas-like material.

How does it sound?

As I stated before, I’ve used an array of Bluetooth speakers over the years, including the higher-priced Bose products, as well as some of this “rinky-dink” $10 options. However, this Archeer speaker is probably my most favorite option out of them all.

On the Amazon listing, this speaker is listed as having “Super Bass”, which is something that I enjoy due to the types of music that I listen to. And boy oh boy, does this speaker deliver some bass.

One portion of the design that I didn’t previously touch on, was the built-in subwoofer. The subwoofer cutout is placed in the bottom left-hand corner on the back of the speaker. When this thing starts pumping music, you can place your hand in front of that cutout to feel how much air is really being moved.

Regardless of the bass, even the non-bass heavy music sounds superb here. I was lucky enough to be able to take the Archeer speaker with me on a recent vacation without having to worry about neighbors. This gave me the ability to crank up the sound and see what it was capable of in different situations.

Needless to say, every time someone wanted to hook their phone up to the speaker, it sounded great. Now, I’m not an audiophile by any means, but I can tell when something sounds bad, and when something sounds good.

The Archeer sounded amazing. We were able to crank the music up while playing basketball or while partying and had no problems hearing every beat, word, lyric, or anything else you want to use to describe a song.


I can honestly say that I have had ZERO complaints with this Archeer speaker, except for maybe one, the price. Priced at $69.99, this may be more than you are looking to spend for a Bluetooth speaker, but considering how good this speaker sounds and how portable it is, you are going to be hard-pressed to find a better option.

If you’re interested in picking one up for yourself, hit the button below to snag one from Amazon. If you already happen to own one of the Archeer Bluetooth speakers, let us know how you like it.


Now that the Archeer Bluetooth Speaker has been available for some time, the folks at Archeer have reached out to us to share a coupon code with you to save about $25, bringing the price down to just $44.09. If you want to take advantage of this, hit the button below and use the coupon code “3SEF72YP” at checkout to save a few bucks.

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