Stock up on USB Type C cables: 6-pack only $12 w/ coupon code [DEALS]


By now, most of you have already begun upgrading to newer Android devices equipped with a USB Type C ports. The entire industry is headed this direction, so it’s only a matter of time before you’re forced to replace all your old micro USB cables with the newer, faster, reversible design. That can be pretty expensive, but we found a great deal on a 6-pack of well-reviewed Type C to Type C cables you’d be crazy not to pick up.

Manufactured by CHOETECH, you get one 6-foot cable, and four 3-foot cables, and a single 1.6-foot cable. Normally these are priced at $20 for the entire set, but a coupon code takes $8 off the entire price, bringing them down to a very reasonable $12 (about 2 bucks a cable). Not bad. Not bad at all…

Coupon code: SRDH6KHE

It’s worth noting that while the cables will charge/fast charge at 3A, the data transfer speeds are still only USB 2.0 which translates to 480 Mbps transfer speeds. That could be a deal breaker for some, but if you’re looking for a handful of spare charging cables, these should work just great. Just make sure you already have a Type C wall adapter (not Type A) and you’re all set. Link provided below.

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