LG G6 warranty extended to two years after date of purchase


LG has found itself in hot water over its recent phones experiencing bootloops. Earlier this year at least two class-action lawsuits were filed over boot looping issues on the LG G4 and the LG V10. It seems as though LG is trying to recover from the negative press these lawsuits have generated, as they’re announcing a new warranty initiative for the US.

LG will extend the warranty of the LG G6 from the standard 12-month warranty to a full 24-month warranty. LG says the new program is called the LG G6 Second Year Promise and it’s free to existing and future LG G6 customers. The warranty program isn’t any sort of insurance like AppleCare or Nexus Protect, since it doesn’t cover accidental damage due to a drop or other damage.

This warranty only covers manufacturing issues, such as those bootloops we mentioned before. This doesn’t really benefit folks over in Europe in any way either, since EU customer protections require a 24-month warranty for devices in Europe. However, it’s not automatically activated when you buy the phone.

LG is requiring customers to register their device on the LG website within 90 days to qualify for the warranty. If you’ve already purchased an LG G6, you’ll need to register on the website within 90 days of today’s announcement in order to be eligible. Replacement devices obtained with this new warranty will arrive within two business days and will be either new or “newly refurbished.”

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