Is Google the next company to enter the mobile processor business?


Last year saw Google change its course when it comes to its lineup of smartphones as the company brought us an unbranded device without making any mention of which OEM was producing it. However, it seems Google is looking to get even more serious about its smartphones after a new report claims that the company has hired a chip architect from Apple.

For some background, Apple develops all of its hardware in-house, and then uses a manufacturing firm to create the devices before making their way to the hands of millions. This includes the processors used in the iPhone, as Apple doesn’t use chips from the likes of Qualcomm like many other OEM’s do.

Manu Gulati has been working with Apple on its processors for the last 8 years and hopes to help Google progress its own smartphones to be more Apple-like. This may not be the best comparison to use, but you could also look at it as a comparison to Samsung with its Exynos lineup of processors.

According to the same report, Google has also opened up more than a few job opportunities so that it can “tightly control future pixel hardware”. Hopefully, Google follows through on this move and ends up producing its own processors as it would be an interesting look to the current scenery of Android smartphones, many of which are powered by Qualcomm SoCs.



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