Jun 12th, 2017

Skype 8.0 is now available in the Play Store and it’s nothing like you would expect. The new UI takes a lot of cues from Snapchat, like every app seems to do these days. It’s colorful, bright, and full of animations.

The new main screen is divided into three tabs: Highlights, Chats, and Capture. Highlights is basically Snapchat Stories. You share short clips of your day that disappear after a while. The Chats tab is where all your conversations reside. Capture where you can take photos and send them to friends. Like Snapchat, it has a bunch of editing tools and stickers.

The rest of the app basically works like Skype. You can have text conversations with individuals or groups. Video calling is obviously still a major part of the app. It just all looks very different. The Snapification of apps moves on.

Download: Skype
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