Facebook has a new Android TV app for watching videos


Facebook has a new Android TV app.

Before you ask “why the heck would I want Facebook on my TV?” you should know it’s only for video. Facebook has made a big push into video content the last few years, this is just the latest move in competing with YouTube. Now you can watch all those viral videos on the big screen.

It makes sense for Facebook to focus on video for this app. No one is going to browse the Facebook timeline or write status updates on their TV. The app is actually the same Facebook app that you have on your phone, but when you install it on Android TV you’ll need to activate it. Then you will see the TV interface. The app is organized by categories and Facebook Live.

This is certainly not for everyone, but if you find yourself watching videos on Facebook a lot, it could be worth a download. What do you think about Facebook for Android TV?

Facebook for Android
[via AndroidPolice]

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