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When it comes to email applications on the Play Store, there are more than enough options. Looking past Google’s Gmail and Inbox, simply typing in “email” in the search results pulls pages of options. However, as someone who gets more emails than I would care to admit, I’m always looking for something new and better to help tame the beast.

Inbox by Gmail

For years, I have been a strong advocate for Inbox as it gives me just about every option that I look for in an email application. The biggest of which, is the ability to “snooze” an email until I’m ready to sit down and take a look at what’s going on.

Inbox has helped me achieve, and maintain, “Inbox Zero” and keep my emails from being cluttered and keeping important emails from getting lost. However, over the years, I would test out one of these other applications on the Play Store and came across CloudMagic awhile back. The reason for looking elsewhere is due to the fact that Inbox does not support my Mac email account and I’ve had to use another email app to just check that account.

I wasn’t a huge fan of CloudMagic’s UI and decided to go back to managing my Mac email address from my computer when I got around to it. That was until I started seeing mention of a new app by the name of Newton.

As it would turn out, CloudMagic had undergone a rebranding and a UI overhaul, offering a much different, and cleaner, experience. So I decided to give Newton a download and tested it out for the 2-week free trial (we’ll get to that momentarily).

I was so blown away by Newton, that I reached out to a gentleman by the name of Francesco who I have been following on YouTube for productivity tips. He works with the Newton team and I wanted to learn more about the application.

The premise of Newton is to help you stay on top of your emails without needing to download a bunch of different add-ons or rely on other services to make it happen. One such feature is “read receipts” which shows you two check marks when the recipient of an email has seen what you’ve sent. This is a good way to at least know that your email got to the right place and don’t have to worry about sending an email to the wrong place.

My most favorite feature of Newton was the same feature found with the “Snooze” options. This allows you to truly treat your inbox as a to-do list, and offers you the ability to even snooze your emails until you open the Newton desktop application.

Additionally, as someone who uses the likes of Todoist and Trello to get through my personal and work to-do lists, there is even integration with these services in Newton. Snoozing an email to be read at a later time is fine and dandy, but being able to add it to my personal to-do list truly ensures that I will get to that email without it sitting around for too long.

Recently, the Newton team added new functionality to the application which will work with your Amazon Echo smart home hub. There is now a new Alexa skill available for download which will allow your Amazon Echo to let you know about emails that are waiting for you, without having to pull yourself away from whatever activity you’re currently working on.

After the Skill has been installed, you can ask Alexa if you have any emails, and Alexa will let you know who the email is from. Furthermore, if you’re going through your emails and want to know what content is contained in a specific email, Alexa can even read off the email to you.

Once completed, and here’s my favorite part, Alexa will ask you what you want to do with the email. You can ask Alexa to perform any of the following tasks for the selected email:

  • Mark as read
  • Delete
  • Archive
  • Mark as spam
  • Snooze
    • Till later
    • Till afternoon
    • Till tomorrow
    • Till day after tomorrow
    • Till Saturday
    • Till Monday
    • To Desktop

If you couldn’t already tell, I really love the ability to snooze my emails and this functionality makes things even more enjoyable. I am, however, hoping to see Newton integration with Google Home now that Actions on Google have been introduced.

Now, with most things that I fall in love with nowadays, there’s a bit of a catch. Previously, I mentioned that there was a 14-day trial that gives you full functionality with Newton. Once that trial has expired, you’ll be directed to pay the $49.99 yearly subscription to keep using the application across your devices.

You can continue to use Newton on your devices, but it will be severely hindered, as you will no longer receive notifications, nor will you be able to take advantage of the various integrations. You’ll just have to manually move everything, or open up Newton every once in awhile to get things in order.

Admittedly, Newton isn’t for everyone as Inbox offers some of the same functionality, and is free. But for those of us looking for new tools to improve our day-to-day lives and make work a bit easier, Newton is DEFINITELY worth the investment. Newton offers a great way to keep your Inbox under control while making sure that your contacts get taken care of.

There’s also another point to make mention of regarding Newton — it works with every device that you have. That means you can use Newton on your favorite Android device, iPhone, Mac OS, or Windows computer. Oh, and it will even work with your favorite smartwatch, as well. Everything will stay synced across all of your devices, removing any worry of having to deal with things not lining up across the board.

If you want to give Newton a shot, hit the button below and try it out for 2 weeks and let us know how you’re liking it. Oh and be sure to check out the new Alexa Skill with Newton as well, just to see how awesome this feature is.

Download Newton Mail


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